The Power
of Connecting

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The Power of Connecting

There are those who drive us forward - the trailblazers, visionaries, the vanguards.

Those who thrive in the most inspiring, enriching spaces

who value true sustainability

on the cutting-edge of technology

and aim to build a socially inclusive world

The Ensemble is the place where they connect.

A new landmark in the skyline,

the beating heart in the most ambitious neighbourhood in Amsterdam,

Connecting the best of living, working and community.

Open in Q3 2025

Iconic architecture, inspired by the Amsterdamse School and enabled by the latest technology - holistically adaptable

Amsterdam's new ESG leader with sustainability, inclusivity, community and transparency at its core

A remarkable collection of amenities and club experience that make the office the place to be and connect

Expansive work spaces, allowing for an endless array of configurations and catering for innovation, chance encounters and cross-collaboration

Seamlessly accessible by public transportation, 100% electric-ready parking garage and unparalleled bicycle hub enabling effortless healthy and efficient transit

Located in the new downtown, Amsterdam Southeast - an enriching environment, with the largest green areas of Amsterdam and a vibrant, colorful community

Our Vision,

  • Landmark

  • ESG

  • Connecting

  • Collaboration

  • Green Mobility

  • New Downtown


noun, [ land-mahrk ]

  • - New, iconic, curved modern architecture inspired by the Amsterdamse School

  • - The tallest tower in the neighborhood, a navigational beacon

The power of connecting